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Communication with Shareholders

Communication with Shareholders

At Golik Group, we are committed to communicate with all our stakeholders effectively.

Golik Group distributes corporate, financial and non-financial information on its website in order to make them available to all stakeholders on a timely basis. Under the Investor Relations section, the company posts both current information and archives of previously released information including five years financial summary, announcements and circulars, financial reports, etc. All the information is available in both English and Chinese. Company announcements, circulars, annual reports and interim reports are always issued through the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited in accordance with the Hong Kong listing rules.

Our Board strives to maintain an on-going dialogue with shareholders and uses Annual General Meeting as one of the most important meeting in the year to communicate with the Group´s shareholders, where they can make statements, ask questions and vote on the issues on the agenda. [Details of the meeting and the outcome of the vote are posted on the company´s website.]

Our Company´s Hong Kong branch share registrars also serve the shareholders in respect of share registration and related matters.

Any enquiry or suggestion in relation to the company can email to [email protected].