Hong Kong Stock Code: 1118

Corporate Social Responsibility


The Group aspires to be a positive contributor to our communities, our society and our environment. Through our conscious and deliberate participation in a variety of initiatives and activities, the Group aims to continuously improve on our sustainable performance in a manner that is accountable to all our stakeholders.

The Group´s purpose is to realise the full potential of our two core pillars of business with solutions that meets that aspirations of our shareholders, business partners, customers and communities.

Sustainability is embedded in our corporate strategy and engrained in our organisational culture. This principle underpins our business objectives and actions to promote good governance and business processes in our day-to-day operations.

The following paragraphs mapped out some of the sustainability achievements during the year under review. As a group, we are continuing to review, expand and embed a detailed sustainability agenda and we will continue to integrate a sustainability framework into our day-to-day operations so that it remains an important part of what we do.

Contributing to the Community

The Group strongly believes that contributing to the community is very crucial while growing our business at the same time. During the year under review, the Group continued to actively support meaningful activities in the community and donated to a number of organisations, charities and people in need. Our mission is to focus on the perceived needs of the society at the time, strived to contribute and bringing warmth and caring to the selected communities.

In financial year 2016, the Group sponsored HKD$300,000 to the North District Soccer Recreation Club Limited as Gold Sponsor for their soccer team and named it as “North District Golik”. We deeply believe young athletes is our future and that they played a vital role in the future of Hong Kong – bringing positive energy and spirit to our younger generations.

Sustainable Operating Practices

The Group is committed to upholding high standards of business integrity, honesty and transparency in its business dealings. The Group is also committed to manage and continue to strengthen our supply chain in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and source from suppliers that are putting environmental and ethical performance as priority.

The Group also maintain a strong and mutually beneficial relationship with our customers that enable us to provide highquality, sector-leading products and services and deliver engagement and positive experiences that are appropriate to local contexts.

Workplace Environment

The Group is committed to foster the well-being of our staffs and provide them with a safe and healthy workplace environment. The Group believes that all injuries, occupational illnesses and incidents are preventable. We continue to educate our staffs, make them focus on the importance of safety in all of our business activities and make workplace health and safety becomes everyone’s accountability.

The Group is committed to encouraging diversity in the workplace and the provision of a work environment that is free from discrimination and promotes equal opportunity for all; and improving diversity – in particular – the number of females in leadership and other traditionally male dominated roles within the business.

Environmental Protection

The Group is committed to pursue a high standard of environmental management throughout its operations. We strive for continual improvement of environmental performance, the efficient use of resources, and the minimisation or prevention of pollution.

The Group also seeks to comply with applicable environmental laws, regulations and mandatory standards locally or to the relevant country. The Group will continue to target to minimise or prevent adverse environmental impacts resulting from its operations, products and services.

In order to promote a green and environmental-friendly manufacturing approach, we continue to monitor our materials, waste and recycling in our operations. We strive to recycle materials to minimise waste and conserve resources and continue to implement various measures, such as setting up material recycling station to improve the recycling efficiency.

We also implement green manufacturing approach for our ready mixed concrete operation, we aim to maximise our resources efficiency and actively recycle waste water during its production process. Logistically, we continue to keep track of the average loading capacity of each truck and make sure each loading volume maintain at least 80% of capacity in order to reduce any environmental impacts. Additionally, our ready mixed trucks are all EURO 5 trucks as they intended to reduce energy consumption and thus the carbon emissions.